Medical experts from GetVia pharmacy told myths and reality about male potency

There are many myths about male libido from healthcare services. It’s time to find out.

Myth one: healthy man is always ready for sex

Sexual intercourse lasts long; the desire for sex is always present; an erection occurs even from one thought about a woman even without high-quality meds. However, this is not always true. Even a person who has no health problems can face reduced potency. The reason for this may be fatigue, stress, online generics sale, conflicts, other psychological problems. But no one can know about all this if a man will use pills for potency from licenced drugstores. They enhance the erection by relaxing the muscles of the cave body of the penis, releasing nitric oxide, and filling the penis with blood. Almost everyone can purchase brand pills and generics with discounts on reputable internet shops, strictly observing the instructions, not exceeding the dose.

Myth two: after 40 years, erectile dysfunction is inevitable

Reduced libido is associated with age after 40 years. Nature provides sexual activity up to old age. Erectile dysfunction after forty years occurs only because of:

  • Chronic diseases
  • Endocrine, hormonal disorders;
  • Poor, unbalanced nutrition;
  • Bad habits (smoking, drinking alcohol).
  • Such factors, as well as heart disease, vascular, sexual infections, negatively affect erectile function at any age. It’s just that at 40, they accumulate.

Myth Three: Erectile Dysfunction Is a Serious Disease

Reduced potency is a symptom of problems in the body. It can be a consequence of the psychological causes that result from organic.

I’m not so old to feel any problems in my sex life until one day my girl told me that she wanted a bit longer. She wants more time to have fun. The first thing that came to mind is Viagra, of course, it is intended by for treatment of erectile dysfunction, but I still had its effect helped me with my problem.

However, erectile dysfunction is treated with affordable medications which available at pharmacy websites and incurable only in the case of serious injuries or congenital physical pathologies of the sexual system.

Myth four: if you take ED pills, without these pills sex is no longer possible

It is easy to return to normal sexual activity even if you stop taking top quality brand name pills after the long course of treatment.

Hearing the facts about male potency, do not fully trust them.